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From Kandhamal to Khotan

So from Kandhamal to Khotan (secular democracy to atheist communism) we see that religious differences give rise to violence no matter what form the government takes. Is the government just helpless when it comes to religious extremism? Should the blame lie squarely on the institution of religion then? I would say not yet.


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A cure for terror: It begins with each of us

To end the violence perpetrated by terrorists, we need to bring about a change within us and in those around us. To paraphrase TNH: Water the positive seeds of hope, brotherhood and compassion within yourself, and then in others.

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Cleaning up the Dadar Flower Market Madness: A case study in doing the next-to-impossible

In the 2+ months I have had to navigate through it to reach my office, I have to admit I have no clue as to how I do it and I don’t think I will ever get used to it. I wish I could put up pictures of the terrifying crowd but pulling out a camera to take a snap amidst the madness is probably not safe for the camera. (None of the Google pictures I am getting are doing justice to the truth either.)

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Saving the artisans of Nepal (and beyond)

The same approach needs to be taken with sale and marketing of handmade products in Nepal – be it metal products or Tibetan Thanka Paintings. If there is someone somewhere who can mass-produce a similar work at a lower cost then it is inevitable that the artisans will lose out sooner or later. Instead of fighting the inevitable, it is better (at least in my opinion) that the artisans essentially reposition themselves as makers of premium artwork worthy of sale to museums, galleries and collectors.

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