#nepalcrisis and Amatuer Politicians

May 4, 2009 at 3:15 pm Leave a comment

Nepal is facing a severe political crisis which threatens to dismantle the peace process and its on twitter (#nepalcrisis). Not sure how I feel about Nepal’s big break on Twitter involves tires being set on flames and a curfew most likely to be called any moment now. A quick glance at Twitterfall shows nothing but uncertainty on how the situation might develop. Its a terrible waiting game that a lot of people are having to play.

The blame for this can be placed squarely on all politicians – the failed coalition government and the opposition. A fellow tweeter sent me this last night as the crisis was unfolding : “We need a decisive war- winner vs loser. The Maoists were behaving as if they won the war and have rights to do whatever.”

He is right on the money. There has been no sign that the peace process has evolved to a point where people in Nepal are ready to back the government or the opposition for that matter. The situation since 2006 has been the embodiment of the cliched phrase – “Give Peace a Chance”. Any action by the Maoist government without a complete political consensus was bound to undo the peace process – not that we were making any headway in the process.

Sacking the CoAS is a reckless move by the Maoist government. They have actually been pretty impressive in terms of organisation and strategy since joining the political mainstream until now. While both NC and CPN(UML) have forever been plagued by factional party politics and power mongering, Maoists have stood out in terms of political acumen. They seem to have a definite ideology, a set goal , a well crafted strategy to get there and the ability to address challenges as a political party. Sacking the current CoAS is not only an unpopular move as it certainly looks something a dictator or a radical undemocratic government would do, but also legally controversial. This is equal to political suicide. The Maoist risk losing all credibility they have gained since coming to power.

However, it also makes one think if the Maoist know for sure that they will have the backing of the people with this decision. Maybe they are dead certain that they have reached the point where they can withstand the tire burnings of NSU cadres, coalition partners deserting them and NC politicians taking to the streets. This could just as well be a test of where the Maoist stand politically. If they survive this, then no doubt, they are in control. The scarier part is, if they fail.

But the big question is what next? Do NC and CPN(UML) form a coalition opposition? Will the Maoists be able to bring all other parties under their wing? Could this finally lead to a two party system in Nepal – (that would definitely help the peace process by streamlining the clutter of demands made by numerous ethnic groups)?

For now, lets simply follow #nepalcrisis on twitter and join in the agonizing waiting game.

Update: Just as I posted this, word broke out that PM Dahal (prachanda) has resigned. Thanks to @bopsource for breaking the news on twitter. I guess the Maoist government could not withstand the people’s pressure.


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