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Radian6: Thanks to your Awesome Customer Service, I know my ancient notebook is not that sucky :-)

Below is the entire email conversation between Radian6 Customer Support and me. The final one on top is by Cory Perry – a Customer Support Specialist -at Radian6. I wonder how many firms have a customer support let alone a specialist! Plus check out how the system automatically forwards my email to not one, not two but SEVEN specialists.


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American Express sells tickets for Bon Jovi concert exclusively on Twitter

While this is a great use of Twitter to sell tickets for an event, I am wondering how much of the buzz generated affected American Express in a positive way? The benefit to City Harvest is a great goodwill gesture but I am still wondering of direct business value to American Express. Is this really the best way to leverage social media platforms?

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Priceless Quote from “Behind Closed Doors: Whatโ€™s On the Mind Of Chief Marketing Officers”

This a great quote…I’d even say priceless. Thanks to Greg Walsh for saying it and to Jeremiah for sharing it. Another great analogy I like for social media is comparing it to the Indian traffic…

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