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I dare you to come up with a more pointless list of New Year Resolutions!

Here is my list of resolutions for the next year…I am so not serious about any of these except #2, #8 and #12.

  1. Work out at least twice a week
  2. Find a vampire and convince him or her to turn me into one
  3. Eat healthy food – nuts and fruits included
  4. Come up with a failure-proof get-rich-soon scheme
  5. Learn to swim
  6. Make a detailed plan to somehow get a date with Megan Fox before I die
  7. Write ten songs in ten different genres complete with a three piece musical arrangement, record them for an all online release of my debut CD
  8. Learn and master telepathy
  9. Paint a life-size portrait of someone or something that is worthy of hanging in a museum
  10. Learn how to actually paint before I attempt the above
  11. Travel to at least ten remote locations in India where there are no roads, water and electricity and stay in each for two weeks
  12. Gain the supernatural power of being able to read minds of people around me
  13. Write a kick-ass movie script and get Megan Fox and Scar-Jo to star in it….with me 🙂
  14. Put in extra effort in doing #2 so that I have an eternity to complete them at my own relaxed pace. Also Megan Fox would have to go on that date else I would feast on her :->

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Facebook exec drags the social media war to Kindergarten playgrounds

I like both Facebook and Twitter. I am also one of the 69 million people harvesting crop on Farmville everyday. I spend a lot of time on both Facebook and Twitter. But a cheapshot from a Facebook exec is the last thing I expect.

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Thanks to social networks integrating with TV, female bitch-ness all set to go viral…globally!

What Robert Tercek (President of digital media for OWN) has neglected is the scenario for Indian home-makers watching one of the many never-ending Saas-Bahu (Mother-in-law Vs. Daughter-in-law) shows on TV.

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