Facebook exec drags the social media war to Kindergarten playgrounds

December 3, 2009 at 5:26 pm Leave a comment

Another interesting tidbit that came out in a UK press event on Tuesday, where a Facebook exec pointed out that there are apparently more active users in the Facebook app FarmVille than on all of Twitter.

Most of us know the numbers. More than 69 million Monthly Active Users on Farmville with 26.5 million logging in daily. As for Twitter it’s about 18 million by some estimates. But seriously if collecting people is Facebook’s goal its looking at the entire thing upside down.

Twitter is much more functional and hence useful than Facebook when it comes to connecting with others or even for doing a one time marketing blast.

Besides how do we know that all the 69 million+ people using Farmville every month are unique individuals. People can and do easily set-up multiple Facebook accounts to help themselves advance in the game.

Finally I would really like to see the demographic segmentation of people playing Farmville. How many are above the age of 18 so that the game at least becomes relevant for brands to use as an advertising platform. twitter on the other hand is proliferated with official brand accounts talking to their consumers.

I like both Facebook and Twitter. I am also one of the 69 million people harvesting crop on Farmville everyday. I spend a lot of time on both Facebook and Twitter. But a cheapshot from a Facebook exec is the last thing I expect.

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Thanks to social networks integrating with TV, female bitch-ness all set to go viral…globally! I dare you to come up with a more pointless list of New Year Resolutions!

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