American Express sells tickets for Bon Jovi concert exclusively on Twitter

While this is a great use of Twitter to sell tickets for an event, I am wondering how much of the buzz generated affected American Express in a positive way? The benefit to City Harvest is a great goodwill gesture but I am still wondering of direct business value to American Express. Is this really the best way to leverage social media platforms?


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Priceless Quote from “Behind Closed Doors: What’s On the Mind Of Chief Marketing Officers”

This a great quote…I’d even say priceless. Thanks to Greg Walsh for saying it and to Jeremiah for sharing it. Another great analogy I like for social media is comparing it to the Indian traffic…

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Geo-Tag the place where you have had sex! Coolest use of Google Maps yet

After all, we were put on this planet to reproduce, right? So why not use our inventions to advance that cause?

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Aliens stole my tweets, analyzed them and returned them back! True Story.

Aliens from one of the planets stole my tweets, analyzed it to figure out my tweeting behavior and then returned it back.

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#nepalcrisis and Amatuer Politicians

A fellow tweeter sent me this last night as the crisis was unfolding : “We need a decisive war- winner vs loser. The Maoists were behaving as if they won the war and have rights to do whatever.”

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Nabuur, SACD and meeting Sabina Didi

When I met Sabina didi last July, I was simply looking forward to meeting a woman with audacity and ambition. But what I saw was a warm and loving mother and wife with an unmatched penchant for social work who deeply cared about the community she lived in.

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Bill Gates unplugged | Video on

Great inspiring stuff from Bill Gates.

“… I am an optimist.” check out the stats. Cynics, please shut up!

and the much hyped mosquito release is truly hilarious πŸ™‚

February 7, 2009 at 5:29 pm 1 comment

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